Cellphones: my love/hate relationship

May 17, 2016

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Do you have a landline?

Have you noticed how whether you're at the airport, in line at the grocery store, at a restaurant or at home watching tv with the family....everyone's heads are down and hands are busily moving....texting, facebook-ing, tweeting, instagram-ing, responding to emails, etc, etc. Are we really ever 100% present these days? I don't know about you, but ever since we dropped our landline at home I always carry my phone wherever I go. You know, "in case there's an emergency". Am I the only person who does this, or do you, too?

Phones are no longer, just phones.

The thing is.... cell phones are no longer just phones. They are mini computers, walk-man's, cameras, magazines, shopping centers, calendars, books, classes, notepads, weather men, calculators, encyclopedias, stationary, book clubs, travel agents, alarm clocks....and the list goes on and on from here. I don't know about you, but I find myself more and more guilty of multi-tasking a billion and one things right from the palm of my hand, at all hours of the day (and sometimes night). And, as much as I appreciate the convenience, I've noticed myself more on edge because everything these days seems to move at lightning speed. Everyone seems to want an answer NOW, every promotion seems to expire NOW and there are 1000 things family and friends are posting NOW. All I know is that our time to be 100% present with family, friends and ourselves in real-time is also slipping by NOW. Hence, I've been reflecting on my love/hate relationship with my cell phone and have even been decided to create boundaries around my phone.

Creating boundaries with my phone

For instance, for the past week, I have chosen not to check my phone until I'm done getting ready and have finished my morning meditation practices in the morning. Just doing this has really helped me feel a little more grounded and definitely less distracted during my meditation practice. Which in turn as made me for focused when I start my work day. However, during the evenings, I still catch myself on my phone right before bed, which is my next habit I want to work on. I know the times when I've traveled to places where the internet connection is not great...I've slept awesome and woken up feeling so much lighter and rested :). So, I think it'll be worth tackling once I do my new morning routine for a few more weeks and my mind can build a healthy habit around it.

What do you do?

So, what's your relationship with your cell phone? Do you have a landline? I'd love to hear your thoughts and get tips from you all, so leave me comment! Lots of love, Kajal    

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