Does your soul like breakfast or brunch?

September 12, 2016

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If Meditation is food for the soul...does your soul like breakfast or brunch?

One of my favorite quotes by Shri Dhyanyogiji is "Meditation is food for the soul". This week I ran across this quote and as I reflected on those words, I thought about how my yoga and meditation practice has evolved over time and slowly, an eye-opening way of classifying what kind of meal I'm sharing with the divine and serving up to my soul emerged :) I thought I'd share it with you.

Coffee on the Go.

These are days when I'm running late and am only able to  squeeze in a fast grab and go; a simple 5-minute prayer filled with gratitude and sending out my intentions for the day. In all honesty, it always leaves me feeling noon, my soul is grumbling and my mind just doesn't have as much focus.

Breakfast of Champions.

This is a weekday favorite, a nice 45-60 minute meal; an hour sprinkled with mantras, japa repetition, pranayama and meditation. These mornings leave my soul feeling like I'm ready to tackle the world; centered, happy and calm.

Weekend Brunch.

Brunch is reserved for not so busy weekends and is a typically 60-90 minute affair, where we do all of the above but get to enjoy a longer meditation...this to me is like savoring a few extra cups of coffee while lounging around in your pajamas. It leaves my soul relaxed, connected and uber grateful.

5-Star Michelin Rated Meal.

And then, there are these few, rare occasions where my soul gets to feast at a meditation retreats/workshops hosted by my guru, Shri Anandi Ma :). These amazing events are like an 8-course meal for the soul, prepared by the hands of a realized master. These occasions leave a distinct impression on my heart and fill my soul with a sweet nectar that can only concocted her. This kind of indulgent meal stays with me forever; fueling my humility, devotion, and inspiration. So, if meditation is "food for the soul", what kind of meals do you serve your soul?

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