December 12, 2011

into the EYES of GREATNESS.

[caption id="attachment_442" align="aligncenter" width="356"] Shri Anandi Ma: great woman saint.[/caption] Today, I had the pleasure of stopping by Andrea Leber's: YOGA-on and off the mat BLOG. Loved it! She's a student of Swami Sivananda...and has a section on her blog called " Q & A with Guruji"...where she shares questions that other students have asked Swami Shivananda....among many great questions, I really enjoyed the response to the following question:

What standards should be adopted to measure true greatness?"

ANSWER:  "The true greatness of man is to be measured not by the amount of wealth nor by the number of bungalows which are had or by the exercise of personal influence, but by the degree of selflessness, all-embracive outlook, generosity, liberal views, cosmic benefaction, self-sacrifice, egoless, self-effacing nature, grade of perception of unity in diversity, humanitarian services, etc. A truly great man is pious, spiritually elevated, magnanimous and noble-hearted. He can never have a thought for himself and he ever prefers the welfare of humanity casting aside all petty, selfish and personal interests. He ever prays for the welfare of humanity. Where there is an open, unconstricted, expansive and large heart, there lies true greatness."
Great masters always have the insight to put their egos aside, and share nothing but LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE. My teacher, Shri Anandi Ma answers questions the exact same way that Swami Sivananda did here....from a deep place of GREATNESS, selflessness and clarity that only comes from being realized. What if our world leaders were to really able to adopt truly great ways like amazing spiritual masters that share such timeless, how that would inspire the world to amazing depths of GREATNESS! Here's to all of us that are striving for greatness! Thanks for sharing the inspiration Andrea!

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