Into the great wide open: Sebastapol.

January 29, 2013

Northern California is really special. You've got San Francisco a big city hub with an eclectic mix of neighborhoods, world renowned eateries and lots of shopping and sightseeing. Then right across the bay you've got Berkley and Oakland...thriving with young University energy, gourmet ghetto restaurants and amazing trails through the hills that capture awesome views of the city and bay. And then you go north or east of the bay, past the suburbs...and you've got wine country and gorgeous farm land. This past weekend we ventured to Sebastapol to visit some friends and we had a ball. Our day was full of a good conversation, delicious food, a LONG walk and some AMAZINGLY fun art by Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent. If you get a chance come out this way, it's definitely a fun place to check out and the whole area (Sonoma, Petaluma, Sebastopol) is pretty vegetarian friendly. In Sebastopol I really enjoyed these two cafes (there are definitely a lot more to choose from): Slice of Life- (Vegetarian American, Italian and Mexican Cuisine): the food is tasty, very vegetarian friendly (they don't use eggs in anything) and it's pretty affordable. Lydia's Lovin Foods in the Sunflower Center- (Organic, Vegan and Raw foods): if you like vegan and raw foods then they definitely have some interest and tasty spins on classic dishes like pizza, burgers and's a little pricey, but all the dishes are made with really fresh and organic ingredients. And then there's the art---all around town you'll see some amazing art sculptures made by a local artist team who makes huge pieces from all sorts of everyday household items (and appliances)....there's one street, Florence Avenue that's especially worth seeing, as almost every neighbor has decorated his/her yard with one of these beauties! Here are a few pics from our day... [gallery ids="3458,3456,3457,3461,3462,3465,3468,3466,3469,3463,3467,3471,3472,3455"]

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