San Pasqual: patron saint of cooks.

November 30, 2011

San Pasqual: patron saint of cooks, shepherds and sheep.

Isn't this wooden hanging gorgeous?!?

On the back of this hand-painted, wooden hanging, it says:

 "San Pasqual was a simple Franciscan monk. He was very devoted to the Holy Eucharist. It is said that as a cook in the monastery his kitchen duties were miraculously taken care of because his devotion was so great. It is also said that as he fed the poor, his baskets were miraculously refilled."

"I joyfully celebrate the food I am given. May it deeply nourish everyone that I feed'."- San Pasqual.

This past weekend, my friend Andreea gave this sweet gift as token of good luck with my new business. I love it! It totally sums up my beliefs on "conscious cooking for conscious living" and definitely illustrates that yogic cooking goes well beyond just Indian yogis. I have been honored to be one of the head kitchen coordinators/ cooks for Dhyanyoga Centers for the past five years and I have to say that, as written above about San Pasqual, I too often feel like my kitchen duties are miraculously take care through nothing but grace...and our baskets are always miraculously refilled!

I too, also love singing and playing mantras while I cook, as I believe that food cooked with positive intentions and thoughts, not only fully satisfy the stomach, but wholly nourish the soul!

Sita Ram!

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