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January 12, 2012

pritiFOOD STAND of delectables---1.15.2012

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Thank you to those of you that stopped by our Sunday Stand of delectables last weekend! We hope that the goodies you took away helped make your week easier....we look forward to seeing you again this Sunday. (Please note, for every glass jar that you bring back from last week, you will receive .50 cents off your next purchase.)

 WHAT: pritiFOOD STAND of delectables |  WHEN: Sunday, Jan, 15, 12 from 12:30-1:15pm | WHERE: Dhyanyoga Centers


Quinoa- Spinach Scallop Bake {gluten free}: $8   

a complete meal filled with quinoa, spinach, potatoes, cheddar cheese and spices. all the food groups are covered in this bake!, it makes for a great meal on the go.

 Aduki Bean Dal {vegan & gluten Free}: $7, 1 pint   

aduki beans are one of the most protein rich beans out there...not mention, they are also a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and B-vitamins...this dal is hearty, simple, filling and super tasty. goes great with rice, toast or own it's own.

 Indian Sloppy Joes a.k.a Pav Bhaji {vegan & gluten free}:  $7, 1 pint   

this is a past time favorite at our meditation retreats...all vegetable based, this dish is flavorful and filling...serve with your favorite bread/ buns and if you're gluten free, just serve with rice or by itself.

 Cheesy, Smoked Paprika Puffed Rice {vegan & gluten free}:  $3.50, 5 oz bag   

this is a tasty, light and satisfying midday snack! Our puffed rice is toasted with olive oil and then toss with smoked paprika, spices and nutritional yeast for a smoky, cheesy flavor. Nutritional yeast is a great way for vegetarians to get in a little bit more protein in their diet...not to mention fiber and B-vitamins!

 Black Bean Brownies {vegan & gluten free }: $4   

these brownies come with RAVE flour, no butter, no refined sugar....can they really be brownies? black bean based and sweetened with dates...these little delights are high in protein and rich in fiber.

 Cocoa-Almond-Hempseed Baked Breakfast Quinoa {vegan & gluten free}: $5   

the reviews are in from last week, people loved these protein packed, amino acids rich, fiber filled bars. these bars are a great way to start the day...the benefits of almonds, hempseed and quinoa for vegetarians is astounding.

Quantities on all items are limited, so if you want to reserve any items, just drop me an email and let me know by Friday (1.13.2012)...or else it will be first come, first serve! For alternate pick up times, please contact me as well.

 p.s.---Make sure to visit our blog:, we will be posting complimentary recipes and nutritional info to go with some of these dishes/ ingredients.

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