Sunshine & Vitamin D

February 17, 2014

[caption id="attachment_4592" align="aligncenter" width="575"] I love bright colors! So glad we painted every room in our little place![/caption] Growing up in Colorado for the first 22 years of my life, followed by the next 13 years in California, the mighty sun definitely spoiled me. Colorado was sunny 360 out 365 days a year. Huge blizzards that would leave behind 1-2 feet of snow were easily gone within 1-2 days….no sooner would it stop snowing and the sun would come back to play. It was such perfect weather. Then I moved to northern California :), where during most winters (mid Dec- mid Feb) we would have a few days here and there of rain, but the sun would still find a way to poke through and shine. Virginia however is a completely different story.  It's made me appreciate sun more than ever. January and February have been the hardest months for me yet in terms of feeling homesick. The brutally cold temperatures and gray skies make me miss sunny California days and being more active outside.  However, like with most things there's always a silver lining :); yes, falling snow = snow days here :). So not all bad. But, I am thankful that we painted our place bright and happy colors…definitely helps keep things somewhat cheerful when the skies are gray. I also found out that my Vitamin D levels were super depleted, so  I started taking  a supplement, which I think are helping my winter blues. I did a little research and Vitamin D (a.k.a the Sunshine Vitamin) really does do a lot for us. It helps with: our immune system, keeps our bones and teeth healthy, aids in depression and greatly helps me with my hashimotos. My holistic practitioner prescribed drops instead of capsules to take which my body seems to be liking. Do you take a Vitamin D supplement…or do you get plenty of sunshine naturally :)? Are your walls painted bright colors ? Happy Winter Everyone! Ready for my trip back to California!

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