Thanksgiving Round-Up

November 19, 2012

I thought I would do a round-up of some of my favorite recipes for the upcoming holiday whether you're traveling, hosting or partaking....there are great vegetarian options for everyone.


For those that are traveling on planes, trains or automobiles it's always nice to bring a little healthy and wholesome food with you so that you're not limited to filling up on scarce vegetarian fast food fare. One Pot Cornbread --- A complete meal, that easy to pack up and eat without creating a mess. Smoothies To-Go-Go --- For those traveling by train or automobiles, smoothies are a great option for morning breakfasts or midday snacks. Super Home Remedy --- I like to have a little 3 oz jar of this stuff on hand while traveling....especially this time of year as colds, flu and the ickies go around.  


It's always nice to spice up a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a few different dishes...ENJOY! Shaved Fennel and Zucchini Salad --- I love this salad! It's not only delicious...but packed with a lot of goodies. Cauliflower Arugula Soup --- Light, tasty and different. Baked Tofu --- A fast and easy replacement for the turkey; just cut larger slices, bake, drizzle with gravy and serve with all the sides. Grilled Fennel and Goat Cheese --- This appetizer is a family's light and pretty versatile.  


It's always nice to bring a little something to contribute or give to the host as a thank you for their invite... Plum Jelly & Lime Spritzer --- This is a great Host Gift...just place your favorite seltzer and jelly in a gift bag with the recipe printed out a  pretty card...and you're set. Apple Pie Turnovers --- These travel easy and after a big meal are relatively lighter than traditional apple of all the dash of cardamom makes this dessert stand out in the crowd.  


Thanksgiving Weekend isn't a complete without some good movie watching! Homemade Popcorn --- Who needs microwave popcorn when you can make the real deal in just minutes?  

Hope you all have a very merry Thanksgiving!


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