I believe that faith, love and kindness are the language of the soul.And together they are here unite us.


My name is Kajal Dhabalia and Wholesome Soul is my creative design boutique where East meets West and intersects with my love for yoga, food and art. It’s here that I take the sum of my talents + all that I love, and produce products that reflect my joy. I create uplifting collections of art, goods and gifts that empower women to celebrate and share globally-inspired doses of faith, love and kindness to warm the heart and light the soul.
Growing up, I had two distinct, yet parallel lives.
On one hand, I was a first-generation American trying to fit in as a “South Asian.”  I enjoyed soccer practice, Girl Scouts and camping trips; read stories on the Bernstein Bears, Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew; and embraced Easter egg hunts, Halloween costumes and Christmas concerts.
On the other hand, proud of our Indian heritage, my parents taught me how to celebrate and share our culture and traditions. I enjoyed a vegetarian diet, trips to India and conversations in Gujarati; heard stories on Krishna, Shiva and Hanuman; and embraced Diwali celebrations and Holi festivals.
As much as I loved both worlds, I didn’t always know how to bridge the Indian, the American, the vegetarian, the soccer fan, the Christmas gift giver and the Diwali celebrator.
But, then in college something magical happened— I took my first yoga class. Yoga not only became the bridge between my two worlds— the East and West— but opened a door to a much bigger world inside of me.
It taught me to dig deeper and tap into my soul, where the language is universal and all roads lead to the same happy place. It’s here that I learned that faith, love and kindness are the language of the soul. Faith gives us hope, love reminds us just how powerful we are, and kindness teaches us that in the end we are all the same. Together, they unite us.
So now, taking art and food as my vehicles for expression, I hope you’ll join me on my mission to spread these little doses of big inspiration, because I truly believe when you’re lit from within, you can light the whole world up!
With love & gratitude,