Lakshmi Art Print

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What Goddess Collection would be complete without Lakshmi :)? 

This piece honors the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi; although most well known for her blessings of outer abundance, what she truly desires for her dear ones is the ability to possess an inner resilience of peace, contentment, and love in all situations.

Thus her blessings run much deeper than just material wealth; her blessings contain deep inner wisdom, so that whether you're blessed with troves of gold and riches or the simplicity of cotton threads and a modest home, you're able to always be the wealthiest person in world because of your deep contentment and peace thru all the different phases of your life. 

MEDIUM: Watercolor

SIZE: 5.5" x 8.5" matted to 11x14"

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  • Reproductions come matted to fit any 11 x 14" frame. 
  • Museum-quality reproductions, printed on archival, acid-free paper with a  lustre- finish.
  • Printed, matted and packaged in our Alexandria, VA studio. 
  • Custom size prints available by request, email us at 

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