To Be Fearless Art Print

Animal Wisdom


In 2015 I got the opportunity to spend 6 weeks at my teacher's ashram in India, where we meditated twice a day and spend countless other hours doing all sorts of practices....japa, asana, seva...and so much more. 

The ashram houses close to 40 cows and they provide the sweetest, creamiest, and most delicious milk in the world :)....and one of my favorite things to do their was to go feed and visit the cows. Their energy is just so pure and calming...I couldn't really get enough of their sweetness. Their gentle and loving disposition beautifully exemplifies the main teaching of yoga which is ahimsa (non-injury in thought, word or deed).

This piece reads, "Be open to the practice to be fearless. With whatever is arising, notice it, breathe with it, and with gentle, non-judging attention, allow it to unfold naturally". :)


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